What are the Surgical Options for Female Hair Loss


A lot of women think that surgery is not an option for them, which is not correct. It depends on the individual patient. Let’s say a female comes in with advance female pennon hair loss, and this can happen anywhere from a woman who’s young twenties all the way past menopause. If a female patient comes in and they’ve tried things like Rogaine, maybe even finasteride that have not been helping, and they have no underlying medical conditions, then surgery is a very good option for them. What surgery would do is, surgery will take hair that is genetically perfect and permanent and it will move that hair to the areas of their head that don’t have as much hair any more. What this does for a female usually it’s a very targeted approach, it doesn’t correct all of the hair loss but it can give you kind of a new lease on your hair’s life. What it does is improves the hair in a certain focal area and a lot of women really appreciate that new hair grows and they’re able to style their hair, go out in public and not worry about things any more. It’s really a life savor for a lot of women.

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