Regenerative Technology for Hair Restoration with ACell MatriStem

Regenerative technology is the latest breakthrough innovation in the practice of hair restoration.  An entirely new and unique application of a medical device, called an Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM), is being used for scar reduction and treatment of hair loss.   ACell Inc, MatriStem© is a specific ECM product, demonstrating excellent results. ECM devices are a … [Read more...]

Minoxidil – The First Effective Hair Loss Medication

Back in the 1980s, minoxidil was a pill and it was used to bring down a patient’s blood pressure when it was too high.  It was a remarkably effective drug, with one unusual little side effect; when taken internally, it grew hair all over that person’s body… Believe it or not, this was not necessarily considered a desirable situation for the drug company that … [Read more...]