How I Coped With Losing All Of My Hair — At 21

By: Georgia Van Cuylenburg: Actress, Comedian, Producer, Activist - Actress tells how she lost all her hair to Alopecia Areata. … [Read more...]

Top Five Little-Known Causes of Female Hair Loss

What even some doctors don’t know Are you a woman who is losing her hair?  Are you wondering what might be causing it?  If you have been to see your regular doctor about this problem, or even if you have done a little research on the Internet, you have probably noticed that a lot of different opinions.  Here is a list of five things you (and maybe your doctor) did not … [Read more...]

Female Genetic Hair Loss (Female Androgenetic Alopecia)

Women Can Lose Hair? It seems incredible to most people that a woman might lose her hair.  After all – isn’t that something that only happens to men?  The truth is that many women suffer from hair loss and that Female Pattern Hair Loss (or FPHL for short) can be emotionally devastating in a culture where you can even tell which Disney Princess it is by the color of her … [Read more...]