How I Coped With Losing All Of My Hair — At 21

By: Georgia Van Cuylenburg: Actress, Comedian, Producer, Activist - Actress tells how she lost all her hair to Alopecia Areata. … [Read more...]

Areata – The Tricky Balding Disease

Alopecia areata comes in many forms.  It can occur in bands, round or oval patches, or with whole head and body balding.  What are even more unusual are the features that are usually only known to doctors who are interested in hair (like a hair surgeon or a dermatologist).  For instance, it is well-known that; Spare the White Hair: Different forms of areata seem to … [Read more...]

Alopecia Universalis – No trivial matter

You have read a story like it in the paper – area man loses all hair after car accident – but it just didn’t seem real. All your hair? Impossible. What about your eyelashes and arm hair and such? The scary truth is that this can and does happen. It is an unpredictable medical condition known as alopecia universalis, and no one really knows the cause or how to cure it. … [Read more...]