More Young Men Turn To New Hair Restoration Robot

Dr. Wasserbauer leads Robotic Hair Restoration FDA Trial

“Where are the latest and greatest strides being made in the science of hair restoration?” The answer is; “Right here at Dr. Wasserbauer’s office!” where we have been approved as one of only two sites for a research study involving robotic hair transplant technology. The Restoration Robotics™ prototype system is an interactive image-guided robotic system that is able to remove hair grafts one at a time and will be able to implant them as well. The trial that Dr Wasserbauer is now conducting is intended to be the final phase for FDA approval of this new and completely new technology.

Officials at Restoration Robotics claim that, while manual transplants might take around eight to 10 hours, their robot could complete the process in about five hours. The robot also has the ability to design a patient’s hairline on a computer.