Is a Hair Transplant Painful?


It is not that painful. You do feel a few pricks. Typically you’ll feel pricks across your forehead and at the back of your head with some tiny, little needles. Those don’t hurt very much and the pain last maybe 5 or 10 seconds. And then the whole top of your head goes numb. It’s something called the ring block. A lot of people mention that “I feel like I’m wearing a helmet.” And usually we also give something to relax you throughout that entire procedure. You know a lot of people often nap and watch movies. I find that what patients mention most is that the biggest pain of the entire day is sitting on your butt the entire day. Because you do have to sit for a certain amount of time so that we can have access to you head and it’s kind of like I’m par with a transatlantic flight. You’re sitting there for a good number of hours. You can get up and walk around but there sit has to be a certain amount of time when you have to be in my chair.