Hair Transplant Video Production

Medical and surgical videos need to be efficient and to the point. With the large number of videos produced everyday by hair loss product companies, hair transplant physician practices and individual videos it is difficult to stand out from the pack and hold the attention of the audience.

L.A. Management Company, LLC, a marketing company in Charlotte, NC, provides strategic marketing services for hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons across the country and has accumulated a significant amount of data on viewer behaviors and retention. What the data tells them is that procedure videos need to cut to the chase and avoid long introductions. Many times hair transplant procedure videos entail long introductions or unnecessary interviews when the viewer is much more interested in the procedure itself, and of course the results!

As a leading video production company in Charlotte, NC – L.A. Management advises their clients to organize the footage and use the physician and patient to be the narrator over the procedure footage. This allows the viewer to see and hear the relevant content in a effective and efficient manner.