Before & After Hair Transplant Photos – California

Photos courtesy of California Hair Transplant surgeon, Sara Wasserbauer, MD Click on arrow to the right to view next image or double-click on image for full screen view. … [Read more...]

Who can you trust for advice about your hair?

It happens to everyone who is worried about hair; you start to see some loss in the shower or when you brush your hair and you panic.  You panic because hair loss is not just a medical issue; it is much more emotional than many other medical conditions.  People wonder, “How could hair loss happen to me?” The next step is almost always the Internet where you learn … [Read more...]

FUE: Follicualr Unit Extraction – A novel way to move hair

Hair transplantation has experienced more transformation than most cosmetic surgery subspecialties in the past decades.  Gone are the days of “plugs,” scalp reductions and flaps of hair meant to simulate hairline.  Modern hair restoration is both natural and undetectable and has spawned its own generation of specialist solely dedicated to achieving perfection in this one … [Read more...]

Is Robotic Hair Transplant the Future for Hair Restoration Surgery?

Robotic hair transplant surgery may be the future but at what cost $$$? Currently on the market are several automated methods of collecting hair transplant grafts including NeoGraft and recently FDA approved ARTAS. These devices have shown speed and accuracy when in the right hands but the procedures currently are more expensive than traditional strip follicular unit hair … [Read more...]

A Hair Doctor Tells, “Five ways to be a good hair loss patient”

Because you want the best hair you can have… You thought it would never happen to you; you are losing your hair.  You can’t believe it, how did this happen?  You used to have the thickest mane… So now you are doing your research, trying to find out about hair loss and what treatment might be right for you.  Like every other patient these days, you turn to the … [Read more...]