Ticomin Copper Peptide Products for Healthy Hair

Studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex™ on hair follicles! During the growth phase, the base of the hair follicle (dermal papilla) is richly endowed with substances such as collagen and various proteins. These substances are virtually absent during the resting phase. Copper has been shown to stimulate the cells responsible for … [Read more...]

FDA Approved Treatments for Hair Loss

Propecia and Rogaine In the past 20 years, a revolution in treatment for hair loss has occurred.  Not only have doctors started to decode the actual causes of hair loss, but pharmacologic treatments – medicines for balding – also have been found and proven to actually work.  You have heard of these drugs, finasteride (also known as Proscar or Propecia), and minoxidil … [Read more...]

Minoxidil – The First Effective Hair Loss Medication

Back in the 1980s, minoxidil was a pill and it was used to bring down a patient’s blood pressure when it was too high.  It was a remarkably effective drug, with one unusual little side effect; when taken internally, it grew hair all over that person’s body… Believe it or not, this was not necessarily considered a desirable situation for the drug company that … [Read more...]

Who can you trust for advice about your hair?

It happens to everyone who is worried about hair; you start to see some loss in the shower or when you brush your hair and you panic.  You panic because hair loss is not just a medical issue; it is much more emotional than many other medical conditions.  People wonder, “How could hair loss happen to me?” The next step is almost always the Internet where you learn … [Read more...]