How I Coped With Losing All Of My Hair — At 21

By: Georgia Van Cuylenburg: Actress, Comedian, Producer, Activist - Actress tells how she lost all her hair to Alopecia Areata. … [Read more...]

Dateline Reports on Hair Transplant and Other Treatments: 6-month follow up

Transcript: It’s been almost 6 months since we last saw our follicle five. Each of our volunteers is trying a different hair growing treatment. And we’ve sent them back to Dr. Paolo Romanelli, a professor with the University of Miami’s Dermatology Department. Dr. Romanelli took photos of each of our volunteers at the start of this project and is now taking similar … [Read more...]

Is Robotic Hair Transplant the Future for Hair Restoration Surgery?

Robotic hair transplant surgery may be the future but at what cost $$$? Currently on the market are several automated methods of collecting hair transplant grafts including NeoGraft and recently FDA approved ARTAS. These devices have shown speed and accuracy when in the right hands but the procedures currently are more expensive than traditional strip follicular unit hair … [Read more...]

Celebrity Hair Transplant Video

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