Wayne Rooney takes Propecia – May Cause Impotence Doctor Says..

THE hair-loss drug used by Wayne Rooney to restore his thinning hair could cause IMPOTENCE, a scientist has warned. Soccer Superstar Wayne Rooney took the drug Propecia back in 2009, and has since had a hair transplant to fight back against his receding hairline. But research suggests that one of the ingredients in the medication – finasteride – can cause … [Read more...]

What is Safe Donor Area for Hair Transplantation

By guest editor Art Katona, M.D. (London Hair Transplant Surgeon) The concept of safe donor area is largely attributed to Toronto Dermatologist Dr Walter Unger. It is a hypothesis that was conceived decades ago which many have forgotten or deliberately ignored. It is also wishful thinking by even those that have adopted these guidelines. Many in the  hair surgery … [Read more...]

History of Hair Loss Treatments

Humans throughout history have dealt with hair loss in varying ways. Hair loss treatments have become more sophisticated in recent years, but over 70 million Americans are still balding. Scientists have, however, recently confirmed that a certain version of the twentieth chromosome is responsible for hair loss, so there may be hope for the future. Wigs: The first … [Read more...]

Dateline Reports on Hair Transplant and Other Treatments: 6-month follow up

Transcript: It’s been almost 6 months since we last saw our follicle five. Each of our volunteers is trying a different hair growing treatment. And we’ve sent them back to Dr. Paolo Romanelli, a professor with the University of Miami’s Dermatology Department. Dr. Romanelli took photos of each of our volunteers at the start of this project and is now taking similar … [Read more...]

Hair Loss-Divorce Correlation: Study Suggests Splits Cause Hair Loss In Women

The Huffington Post   Stephanie Hallett Getting divorced is tough. Splitting your finances, your property, your kids, your time -- all of those factors can lead to high levels of stress. And according to a new study, all of that stress can lead to increased hair loss in divorced women. Dr. Bahman Guyuron, the study's lead author, found that women who have had … [Read more...]

Celebrity Hair Transplant Video

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