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Regenerative Technology for Hair Restoration with ACell MatriStem

Regenerative technology is the latest breakthrough innovation in the practice of hair restoration.  An entirely new and unique application of a medical device, called an Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM), is being used for scar reduction and treatment of hair loss.   ACell Inc, MatriStem© is a specific ECM product, demonstrating excellent results. ECM devices are a … [Read more...]

The Truth About Neograft.

by Dr. Dan McGrath, Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons Austin, TX: There have been many wonderful innovations in the field of hair transplantation in the past twenty years, and some not so wonderful. In recent years there has been a tremendous amount of buzz in the hair transplant industry about a procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction. … [Read more...]

Histogen (HSC) research Explained by Hair Surgeon Dr. Dan McGrath

Texas Hair Surgeon Dr. Dan McGrath discusses HSC by Histogen. The research into treating hair loss through stem cell therapy is still preliminary but very encouraging. Dr. McGrath provides a simple layman's update to the technology below: … [Read more...]

From Melanoma to Lymphoma and How they Effect Your Hair

It is no secret that a cancer patient may experience hair loss, either due to the symptoms of their particular disease, or due to the treatment of the cancer itself.  If you or someone you love is in this situation, it helps to know what you might expect.  Here are a few points of information for cancer patients, whether their diagnosis is melanoma, lymphoma, or a brain … [Read more...]

Before & After Hair Transplant Photos – Texas

Photos courtesy of Texas Hair Surgeon Dr. Dan McGrath Click on image to view full screen … [Read more...]

Before & After Hair Transplant Photos – California

Photos courtesy of California Hair Transplant surgeon, Sara Wasserbauer, MD Click on arrow to the right to view next image or double-click on image for full screen view. … [Read more...]